100 DIY Backyard Ideas and Makeover Projects

DIY a Fire Pit Tabletop Display:

DIY a Fire Pit Tabletop Display

Here is this superb idea of adding the attention and beauty to your coffee tables and and that too with the simpler supplies and the materials lying around. So make a wooden box, add glass sheets, a mesh and fill it with the pebbles and its ready to rock your coffee table center along with the provision of heat in the colder days.Here is ht link for tutorial details theartofdoingstuff

DIY Add a Hammock to the Backyard:

DIY Add a Hammock to the Backyard

Hammocks are great to relax and enjoy your weekend to the fullest and if you do not have one you can make one now easily at home using some fabric, sturdy straps and the rope. Here is this lovely and chic hammock idea to install in your spaces and enjoy the fun relaxing time. Details here missloviecreations

DIY Build a Green Roofed Birdhouse:

DIY Build a Green Roofed Birdhouse

People short on space for garden have start utilizing the roof tops to exercise their green thumbs and you can hack this brilliant idea for your bird houses too to make them look more fun and enchanting. Here is this pretty birdhouse roof planted up with lovely flowers and plants and made to look more tempting for the birds and the family. Details here gardentherapy

DIY Crochet Hammock:

DIY Crochet Hammock

There is nothing more fun to sit and relax in, than a hammock chair where you can get rid of all your tiredness and dullness of the hectic day or week. This is a gorgeous and easy hammock made out of the wooden dowels and some cool colored cords using the feasible crochet macramé technique. Here is the idea with all the details and the pattern instructions ehow

DIY Summer Canopy:

DIY Summer Canopy

The Summers are just so much to elevate your outdoor fun in all the possible ways so check out this idea of installing a cool lighted canopy in your spaces and have some romantic dinner time under it. Along with the sturdy structure installed the lights and the curtains are really adding to its aesthetic appeal and making it your favorite patio corner to sit and eat. Here are the details of this pergola thecreatedhome

DIY Stone Walkway:

DIY Stone Walkway

Adding the landscape features to a garden space makes it look more gorgeous and decorative and there are lots of ways to do that. You can easily create this lovely and designed stone walkway for your front door using a pretty form lay out and thus freshen up your outdoor home style with some rustic vibes. Here is the link to check out the details step by step budget101

DIY Backyard Serenity Pond:

DIY Serenity Pond

Ponds are one of the most enchanting nature or landscape features and would be the best thing to bring in your garden and boost up the décor there. It’s really easy to create a pond spot in your garden and then beautify it with the rocks and stone tiles to enhance the landscape feel more. Here is the link to check out the details of the project in easy steps ohmy-creative

DIY Rope Seats in BACKYARD:


Ottomans are the great ways to add some functional and fun touches to your décor be it the indoor or the outdoor seating area. Here is this awesome idea of creating the cheap and fun ottomans out of the old tires and some ropes. Yes the ropes have been wrapped around the tires and that is it, the rustic and charming ottomans are ready to spice up your outdoor seating ambiance. 1001gardens



Canopies are the best ways to add some fun ambiance around your outdoor spaces be it porch or the patio and the garden. You can grab a fabric and sew this sliding canopy shade for your pergola and thus enjoy the shade and thus with a single slide. The easy and fun details of this idea are given here in easy steps sailrite

DIY Homemade Backyard Plant Stands:

DIY Plant Stands

The planters or the pots are the prettiest of the things to embellish not only the interiors but the exteriors too. Here is how you can manage to make them look more beautiful and wow worthy for a display using this wooden pot holder which is just immense easy to install at home on your own. Using a few wooden bars this pretty stand or pot holder has been yielded and stained in rustic brown hues with the paint dipped feet to add more to its beauty and style. Details here 100things2do

DIY Easy Backyard Fire Pit:

DIY Fire Pit

When the weather is a bit cold outside and the cold breeze is blowing down there, it’s the best time to plan your outdoor fun with family or the friends and a fire pit would be the center of your gathering cluster to keep you people warm and cozy. You can build a fire pit on your own using some tools to dig up the soil and some cemented bricks. For complete details and instructions you can check out the tutorial here abeautifulmess



The bars are the best friends of the men and the center of fun of their gatherings at the house be it indoor or the outdoors. So here is how they can craft your own functional and fun bar with some recycled wood around and enjoy your gathering more. With three tiers of shelves, it would provide you large storage space for your bar stuff and a mini ice cooler in the top makes it more desiring. Details of the structure here thatsmyletter

DIY an Backyard Walkway and Play Pen for your Indoor Cats:

DIY an outdoor walkway and play pen for your indoor cats

It’s time to get your lazy outs out and make them feel some fresh air and enjoy and the healthy ambiance around. But to keep them safe and also save your garden from them you can make them this lovely and fun walkway with some wooden and wire mesh where they can actively visit the outdoors and also feel active themselves. Here is the link for complete details of the project cuckoo4design

DIY Build a Chicken Coop:

DIY Build a chicken coop

If you love chickens and hens and want to make them a part of your family then you should really arrange a chicken coop first where the new family member can enjoy a comfortable and relaxing stay. Instead of buying one you can create one yourself using some wooden planks and the wire mesh like given here along with a custom wooden hen sign making it look more gorgeous and stylish. Check out the step by step details of the project here livingandlearningwithluisa

DIY Make a Paver Stone Patio:

DIY Make a paver stone patio

The paver patios are all in these days and it is because of the reason that they are much more functional and fun than the sand or wooden one. The kids can play on it so many games there, it would make your spaces more tidy and clean and add more immaculate vibes to your outdoor styling too. SO here is the tutorial to peek into and grab all the details of the project to try it on your own younghouselove

DIY Old Light Globe into a Modern Backyard Birdfeeder:

DIY Turn an old light globe into a modern birdfeeder

If your pretty round white fancy lights have gone outdated and you want to replace them with the new ones then here is the link to recycled the old ones in a pretty style. You can turn those dazzling white globe lights into the chic and fun bird feeders for your garden spaces by hanging them on your trees using the ropes. Here is the easy and fun tutorial of this lovely transformation designsponge

DIY Pallet Backyard Vertical Herb Garden:

Make a vertical herb garden out of a shipping pallet

If you want to plant some of your favorite herbs but your garden is short on space then do not worry as you can grab a wooden pallet to turn it into a vertical standing herb garden in your patio or porch. Yes just the singly pallet skid would be enough for this fun herb garden by just staining it into the enchanting hues to make it look tempting for the outdoor décor diyshowoff

DIY No-Sew Drop Cloth Curtains to your Covered Patio:

DIY no-sew drop cloth curtains to your covered patio

The patio is the center of your social gathering and fun so it ought to look decorative and well embellished with all the styling done in a gorgeous way. SO here are the now dew curtains to get your hands on and bring in to the patio décor and add the perfect aesthetic appeal to these fun outdoor spaces and enhance the beauty and charm of it. Here is the link for step by step details of the projects scatteredthoughtsofacraftymom

DIY Some Pretty Planter Boxes:

DIY Some pretty planter boxes

Wooden planter boxes are the best way to being the natural warmth and enhance the rustic appeal of your garden, patio or the porch spaces. And instead of buying the expensive ones from the market you can now craft a few at home using some feasibly available wooden around. Here is this cute and pretty square wooden planter boxes made out of the cloning of few wooden slats together. You can paint or stain it to make it look more gorgeous and spruced up for the garden décor. Details here diydesignfanatic

DIY Build an Elevated Garden Bed:

DIY Build an elevated garden bed

Using the planters and the planter beds is really beneficial for those who want to enjoy the greenery but live in the compact apartments of have tiny little yards where it’s too tough to plant your favorite things. So here we offer you a free plan to build a lovely and simple wooden planter bed with a raised height and satisfy your urge for plants, flowers or the herbs. Details here addicted2decorating

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