100 DIY Backyard Ideas and Makeover Projects

DIY Hanging Backyard Lanterns out of Baskets or Clay Pots:

DIY hanging outdoor lanterns out of baskets or clay pots

The clay is the most fun material to play with when it comes to the art and crafts projects as it is easy to mold it into any of your desired shape and then paint in the same way too. SO here is an outdoor pendant lamp having been nicely shaped up out of the clay and then painted in black and hung up with a chain to bring the perfect style in your exteriors. Complete details here theartofdoingstuff

DIY Handmade Wooden Backyard Potting Bench:

DIY Potting bench

Potting benches are as important to the garden décor as the coffee tables to the living décor so if you do not have one get one. Here is this simply awesome idea of creating a potting bench on your own with the use of wood and simple slat stacking method. The bench comes with a top and a wide base to hold a plenty of your gardening stuff and also provide a display spot to the pots. Here is the tutorial link centsationalgirl

DIY Hammock Swing Tutorial:

DIY Hammock Swing Tutorial

The hammocks are the best kind of things to relax on and forget about all your worries and anxieties for a while. Here is the pretty idea of installing a colorful and fun hammock on your own using the simplest supplies like nylon cord, some fabric sheet in multi colors, hooks and dowels. The making method of this lovely and chic hammock are given here soyouthinkyourecrafty

DIY Pallet Backyard Bar:

DIY Pallet bar

The pallets are the best kind of wooden supplies to work with and satisfy your functional needs with it. So if you are in need of a fun and functional bar for your outdoors you would need to assemble some pallets, paint them in dazzling when and then screw them together to form up a vertical stand. Add the concrete bar top and its ready to be your ultimate fun spot in the patio or yard. Details here diyjoy

DIY Mason Jar into Backyard Lanterns:

DIY Mason Jar Lanterns

The soft and warm glow in the outdoors really makes the spaces look instantly spruced up with the rustic charm and romance there. So if you don’t have those pretty lights or lanterns arranged there you really need to peek into this mason jar lantern idea which is cheap, fun and totally simple to get your hands on and add that perfect light and charm to your yard, patio or garden by hanging them around. Complete instructions and details of the tutorial here orchardgirls

Easy DIY Porch Light:

Easy DIY Porch Light

Porches are great to get your stylist out and make it the most decorative and beautiful section of the house and there is like endless amount of the ideas to get your hands dirty with like this easy porch light plan. Using a wooden branch or twig, the Christmas lights and the burlap ribbon these gorgeous round lights have been created and collectively hung on the twig to form the most romantic chandler with the softest of the glow. Details here allthingsheartandhome

DIY Front Porch Bench:

DIY Front Porch Bench

Without a stylish and comfortable bed any of your outdoor space is just incomplete and of course of no fun as you can sit and relax in the fresh and healthy outdoor ambiance there. So here is the free idea of creating a lovely, simple and totally functional bench out of the recycled wood around and painting it in complete vibe so that it adds as the chic and trendy piece to your places. Details for the idea here overthebigmoon

How to White Wash Terra Cotta Pots for Backyard:

How To White Wash Terra Cotta Pots ForBackyard

There are so many ways to  style up your pots or planters and make them look so jazzed up for your yard décor or garden styling. Here is the link where you can grab this unique and shabby chic idea of whitewashing the terracotta planters or pots and make them look all awesome for the outdoor embellishment. The idea is just too simple and fun so here is the link to grab the details and get it started tidbits-cami

DIY Mason Jar Vase On Lattice:

DIY Mason Jar Vase On Lattice

The lattice of your patio or porch walls can be made to look more spruced up with this lovely Mason jar flower jar. So grab a Mason jar clip it up to the lattice walls and hold the seasonal flowers in it like here the gorgeous pink hydrangea have been adopted. You can check out this décor uplifting idea right here with all the details and instructions houseofhawthornes

Upcycled Backyard Drawer:

Upcycled Backyard Drawer

The drawers that are out of order or no more a part of your chest or cabinets can get more fun job in your home décor. Yes with this A shaped planter holder or your décor. Using four wooden planks or bars this A shaped frame has been built and the drawers have been gorgeously stained in multi shades and tucked in the frame holding your flowers, plants and herbs. Complete tutorial here beyondthepicket

DIY Farmhouse Bench:

DIY Farmhouse Bench

The benches are the part of so many custom décor for the patio, porch and the entrance and here we got this chic design of a really pretty bench that would the perfect part of all these homey places mentioned. With a cute A shaped leggy frame and a simple bench top this lovely bench would bring the liveliness to your décor with the walnut and white paint hues on it. Here are the easy and fun details of the projects thecreativemom

DIY Succulent Chandelier in Your Backyard:

DIY Succulent Chandelier In Your Backyard

Chandeliers are the best way to pour your fun imagination into your outdoor décor and here is this lovely inspiration with this succulent chandelier to be in your porch or patio. With a wooden plank wide enough to hold a bunch of succulent planters and the lights and get enchained to get supported and hung to the ceiling of your porch or patio right above the dining table to emit the romantic and warm vibes there. Check out the details of the project here erineverafter

Set Up Mini Water Gardens On Your Backyard:

Set Up Mini Water Gardens On Your Backyard

Here is how you can bring the most lively and delightful vibes to your garden décor for the summer and spring season and that too spending the least. This is a gorgeous water garden plan to be whipped off for your pretty garden and make it look more fresh and fun. Using the water lettuce, lilies and a cute pot this lovely water garden has been easily and nicely created. Do get the details of it here whatsurhomestory

DIY Backyard Tiered Herb Garden:

DIY Tiered Herb Garden Tutorial

There is a variety of the planters and the pots that you can create yourself and bring the decorative touches to your garden décor. Here is the wooden tiered planter in wide V shaped easily made out of the feasible slat stacking method and put together to create an eye-catching embellishing piece for the garden beauty and style. Here is the link to grab the details of the project decorandthedog

DIY Drink Station:

DIY Drink Station

Thrift store offers you so many things at the cheaper rates that you can transform into the expensive décor crafts some DIY makeover ideas and here is the one. This old side table here has been turned into a fun and exciting drink station for the summer fun. Three tiered table would offer you immense storage for your beverages and the glasses with the top being circle cut to hold the beverage bucket inside. The shabby chic stain hues are adding more fun to the beverage station and you can hack the whole information right here ishouldbemoppingthefloor

DIY Patio Day Bed:

DIY Patio Day Bed

Daybeds are just perfect to take the short day naps, to linger on and to rest or just sit and read your favorite books and the magazines. And here is the perfect plan to install this easy and fun daybed in your outdoor spaces to add more to your relaxing hours with the fresh and healthy outdoor ambiance.  Stacking the double pallet skids together this shabby chic daybed has been easily yielded with a matching coffee table adding more to the functionality and fun there. Details here lovelygreens

DIY Backyard Decor With Hula Hoop Chandelier:

DIY Backyard Decor With Hula Hoop Chandelier

The chandeliers are the best kind of lights and light fixtures to bring in any of your spaces and so to the outdoor spaces like the roof of your porch.Here is how the pretty and fun hoola hoop chandelier light here has been nicely created using the feasible supplies like the hoop ring, some string lights and the lace ribbons. The rest of the details are here to browse and enjoy making this adorable chandelier and add some quirky vibes to your outdoor decor sarahontheblog

DIY Backyard Glowing Orbs:

DIY Backyard Glowing Orbs

You can make your contemporary backyard look more gorgeous and spruced up with a simple DIY project and that is adding these gorgeous contemporary light shades there. You would need those dazzling light shades and some old Christmas lights to create this illuminating and decorative spot in your outdoors and thus charm up the style of your exteriors at no cost at all. Here is the link to grab the details of the project stheartofdoingstuff

DIY Backyard Spruce Up Your Mailbox:

DIY Backyard Spruce Up Your Mailbox

Even the little changes in your decor can bring the huge impacts and so you can do with your exteriors. So having an old and boring looking mailbox can be really un-decorative but you can change the look of it from being dull to totally chic and refreshing with some little efforts. You can cover the wooden post with a cast stone made post and thus instantly spruce up the look of it. Here is the link with all the details nicely explained beneathmyheart

DIY Backyard Ideas for Globe String Lights:

DIY Backyard Globe String Lights

When the summers are there the outdoor fun starts up, the cocktail parties, beverage parties with friends and more are on our fun to do  list. So you better prepare your spaces for the summer enjoyment and light arrangements are one of the things you should really take in consideration as they are functional and decorative part of the outdoors. Here is the chic and charming idea of creating the bulb strings and add them over your dining tables, fire pits, seating and so much more.Details here thegardenglove

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