34 Brilliant DIY Country/Rustic Home Decor Ideas for Porch

White Washed Terra Cotta Pots:

White Washed Terra Cotta Pots

Make your ordinary terracotta patio pots look pretty vintage or distressed by giving them a light coat of whitewash! The whitewash treatment will transform them into beautiful country decors! Another great and quick hack for country style patio decors! When you paint a thin coat of whitewash, the original look of terracotta pots will still be visible through white lines, this is the whole thing you need to do in this project! Complete project details and step-by-step instructions here tidbits-cami

DIY Corner Porch Bench With Built-in Table:

DIY Corner Bench With Built In Table

To bring pretty vintage or farmhouse style furniture to your patio will also be a great way to give your patio a country decor touch! This can be done in multiple different ways like you can craft your beautiful vintage looking furniture at home using recycled rustic wood from home like pallets or just can paint your current furniture to look distressed or rural a little! One mind-blowing sample is here, the L-shaped patio corner bench that comes with a built-in end table! The surfaces of bench have been stained for a dark choco or walnut appeal while the rest of bench is white, pretty fantastic appeal for a country decor style! Complete bench tutorial and step-by-step instructions here remodelaholic

Rope Wrapped & Painted Porch Terra-Cotta Planters:

Rope Wrapped Painted Terra Cotta

Give your patio also a glam rustic touch using jute or rustic rope! The ideal way would to make the rustic rope a part of your patio decors, you can do so in various different ways! One brilliant way would be to wrap your rope around your patio pots like done here! This ordinary patio pot transforms into pretty vintage delights that will blend in beautifully with your patio environments for a touch of country decor! Complete project details, tutorial and step-by-step instructions here housebyhoff

DIY Wood Porch Lanterns:

DIY Wood Lanterns

Make your patio look pretty vintage or country styled by adding these knock-off pottery barn styled candles! here the candles have been showcased in rustic wooden frames that are entirely handmade! So you can easily clone this project using some old wood and your favorite candles! Perfect country light decors for your patio! Want to duplicate these candles along with the wooden frames? Complete project tutorial and step-by-step tutorial here 100things2do

Bird Cage Floral Porch Decor:

Bird Cage Floral Decor

Make your porch look fanciful by hanging custom bird cages there full of ivy and flowers! Select the style white painted cages that will also go pretty vintage to your patio environments! So, custom decorated birdcages can be your next option to bring a country decor vibe to your patio atmosphere! Her is a mind-blowing birdcage sample to get inspired! Complete project details here masymasmanualidades

Drop Cloth Porch Curtains:

Drop Cloth Porch Curtains

One more creative treatment here for country style patio decors! Make beautiful drop cloth curtains for your patio for an enchanting country decor touch! Also use burlap to tie the curtains and this will boost the vintage appeal of your curtain! Grab also some curtain hoops and a curtain rod for installation of your drop cloth curtains! Complete project details and step-by-step instructions here herecomesthesunblog

DIY Scrabble Board Porch Table:


Add custom items of furniture to change any current aesthetics of your patio into custom décor style! Here is a precious homemade scrabble table added to sitting environments of patio as a side table and it gives the mind-blowing representation of a country décor style! Everyone can make this scrabble board porch table at home in no time just for a country cottage styled appeal of patio! Complete project tutorial with step-by-step instructions here oneacrevintagehome

DIY Mason Jar Porch Lanterns:

Mason Jar Lanterns

Reclaim old mason jars for making amazing vintage or rustic lights that can next been at your patio as mind-blowing country-style decors! Just clean up your glass jars, give them a stone or pebble fill then put inside your candles, pretty historical lights would be ready to go to your decorative environments! Another mind-blowing DIY to do for a country décor touch to patio area! Complete project details and step-by-step instructions here thehappyhousewife

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