60 Brilliant DIY Room Decor Ideas for Teens

Embroidery Hoop Yarn Wall Hanging – DIY Teen Room Wall Art:

DIY Embroidery hoop yarn wall hanging

Teen girls just love to make some fun decor stuff for their spaces and here we have brought a really cute idea for them to enhance the glam and decor of their spaces on their own. Using the simplest of the supplies like the two embroidery hoops and some colorful yarn this lovely wall hanging art has been so nice and easily created and that too at no cost at all. Here is the simple tutorial with step by step instructions enthrallinggumption

DIY Printed Fabric Canvas Wall Art:

DIY Fabric Wall Art

Fabrics come in so many exciting colors, patterns and designs so you can use them for not only the lovely clothing of yours but also for the home decor too. Here we have this lovely idea of making a cute gallery of fabric frames and put them on the bedroom wall behind the bed along with a stylish monogram. This would look really great and fun on the walls adding some real delight to your spaces. So girls do make it with the tutorial guidance given right here projectnursery

DIY Faux Brass Headboard:

A headboard can really change the look of your bedroom decor or at least add into it a lot of fun and stylish factors. Here is this lovely headboard hack to let you instantly bring some really shining vibes in your bedroom decors. So girls grab a gold foil paper or sheet and use it to cover up your headboard and its done. It would be cost efficient but totally decor orient so do try it with the tutorial guide given right here sugarandcloth

DIY Faux Flower Monogram:

DIY Faux Flower Monogram

Using some faux flowers you can really bring some exciting features to your home decor especially to the boring and dull walls of the house. Yes here is the idea of the teen girls to do and spice up the home decor or their bedroom decor with. ITs a faux flower made monogram with the frames and held nicely on the walls to look really subtle yet really stylish and decorative. Here is the link to know every inch detail of this lovely wall decor making decoist

DIY Fringe Photo Garland:

DIY Fringe Photo Garland

There is a lot of decor that you can create from just one single supply and that is the pictures of yours and the family. Especially for the walls the pictures are really the best of the things to decorate with. So girls take your favorite pictures, add some cute fringes to them and make them nicely display on your walls and let it make a really quirky and fun addition to your bedroom decor. Here is the simple and fun tutorial to know more about this project homeyohmy

DIY Geometric Pinboard:

DIY Geometric Pinboard

Pinboards are necessary for the working desks and homework tables, and you can make them in style so that standing on your table or desk they add to the decor of your spaces. Here we have these utterly cute and fun looking geometric pinboards made out of the fun paintwork on the pin boards. The project is really very easy and fun to do yourself at home so here is the link to grab the complete details and make it enthrallinggumption

Homemade Glass Terrariums:

DIY Glass Terrariums

Terrariums are just the marvel decor pieces as they really bring some kind of whimsical touch to the decor for being super gorgeous and enchanting. Here we have these cute and tiny little terrariums to be made out of the glass pieces in cute geometric shapes. You can use them to decorate your tables, shelves and the side boards with the cute little plants in them. Here is the link to get the details step by step whydontyoumakeme

DIY Eye-Catching Graphic Door:

DIY Grapic Door

The kids of the today really like to have their rooms all decorated in modern and chic way and there are some really simple and fun ways to do that of their on to do that. Here is the idea of making a simple and fun geographic door for of your room and brings some really funky and boho vibe sun your room decor.You can choose any design or the pattern to make the door look more personalized and fun ispydiy

DIY Honeycomb Hexagon Wall Treatment:

DIY Honeycomb Hexagon Wall Treatment

If you girls are wanting a lovely hexagon pattern on your walls then we have this lovely and inspirational idea for you. This amazing hexagon pattern has been created  and with the stunning paint hues the decor and the style of wall has been spiced up even more,Here is the link to know more about this amazing hexagon wall that would really dictate the whole bedroom decor of your teen girl. Here is the link to know the project step by step vintagerevivals

DIY Lacey Clay Containers and Ring Dish:

DIY Lacey Clay Containers

Clay is the favorite material of the young girls to play with and make some fun stuff out of it. So here we have this lovely idea of making jewelry containers out of the clay but with a pattern of lace on it which is really making it look beautiful and fun and spiced up.Here is the link where you can get all the information about this cute project and make on your own and organize your jewelry in the easy and decorative way.Link here designmom

DIY Magnetic Hexagon Planters:

DIY Magnetic Hexagon Planters

Wooden containers can be availed in any of the shapes like the cute hexagon and you can use them for the holding of your favorite succulent and herb plants. You can decorate the plants in your own way and make them look really gorgeous and fun like here they have been made to look gorgeous with the lovely and colorful papers circles.Magnets have been used to make it hang on the walls or the pillars.Here is the link to know every inch details of it blitsy

DIY Easy Mini Rug:

DIY Mini Rug

A simple and plain sheepskin rug can be instantly made to look fun and fancy with some added color to it. Like here the sheepskin rug has been stained in the lovely pink shade making it look really a cute and fun addition to your spaces.You can check out the full tutorial here and try to make it on your own this weekend and surprise your mom. Here is the link papernstitchblog

DIY Mud Cloth Inspired Organizer:

DIY Mud Cloth Inspired Organizer

Hey, you girls out there you can make this lovely and simple wall organizer for your sunglasses, pictures and so many other things of this kind. Painting a wooden round and hanging it on the walls and then organizing your little knick-knack stuff on it and also adding some cute vibes to your wall decor too. abubblylife

5 Minute Home Decor:

5 Minute Home Decor

You can make your house decor look updated and fun with the home lying supplies just need to give them a little twist. For this weekend you can pin this decor hack where you can turn an old rug into a gorgeous wall decor piece. Just fold one side of the rug, add a dowel for hanging and a brass hanging at the front and its done. You can check out the complete tutorial with step by step instructions here and make it this weekend papernstitchblog

DIY Adorable Painted Box:

DIY Painted Box

The simple and plain boxes can be made to look really fun and delightful with some paint colors and ribbons and you can use them both for the decor and the storage in the house for any of the things you like to hide and clear the mess. The tutorial is really simple and fun and you can have it all here with step by step instructions and make it easily on your own tellloveandparty

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