60 Brilliant DIY Room Decor Ideas for Teens

DIY Beautiful Pom-Pom Pillows:

DIY pom pom pillows

The pillows and the cushions make a prominent display in your sofas and bed, and you can make them look enchanting and fun with some little variations. Here the cute cushions covers have been made to look really adorable and spruced up with the pom pom lace added to the edges with the lovely matching or striking colors.Here is the link to grab the complete details of the project and  honestlywtf

DIY Pom Pom Tassel Garland:

DIY Pom Pom Tassel Garland

Pom poms for the walls of the house in general for the cheer up decor or even for the parties and this lovely styling would cost you not a ms are the so much fun and colorful to look and really bring the charm and fun to the decor. You can make the pom pom garland .Here is the link to grab the step by step tutorials of this lovely and fun garland to make it rightly on your own and that too without any of the high cost aliceandlois

DIY Beautiful Pouffe:

DIY Pouffe

If you come across some of the fun and pretty looking fabric never ever let it go as you can create some really fun and cute things out of them. Like with this amazing black and white fabric you can create a lovely pouffe and make it a centerpiece for your living room decor among the sofas and chairs. The pouffe cover is really simple to sew on your own so grab the details of it right here kristimurphy

DIY Beautiful Peg Board:

DIY Peg Board

Girls room can be made to look more improvised and gorgeous with an added pegboard there.Here is this lovely and professional looking pegboard made for the girl’s room to be set against the wall of the working desk where they can hold their assignment notes, books, clocks and much more such things and thus get the most fun and functional out of it. We got the link right here to know its complete making at home aimeeweaverdesigns

DIY Easy Tissue Wisteria:

DIY Tissue Wisteria

Tissues come in all colors, so they are just wonderful to be used for, so many projects and ideas of decor to make some cheap and fun embellishment for any of the spaces. Here we have shared this idea of making the cute and utterly gorgeous colorful wisteria out of the cute petals cut from the tissue papers of all the colors. Though simple and fun to make yet, we have shared the link to check out the complete tutorial landofnod

DIY String Art Tutorial:

DIY String Art Tutorial

String art is really getting famous for the home decor and the kids can really make some lovely creations out of and also have some fun thing to pass time with. With  a wooden board, a bunch of the nails and some colorful yarns the kids can really create some lovely artistic yarn creations of their own choice. LIke here this lovely Dream yarn art piece has been made to grace up the walls with. You can check out the complete tutorial here honeyandfitz

DIY Tape Picture Frames:DIY Tape Picture Frames

The washi tapes now come in lots of designs and colors and that is there use in the home decor is increasing day by the day. so the girls having the dorm rooms can really make some fun additions to their working desk wall with the washi tape. They can use it as the frame for your posters, pictures and any other artistic creations. You can have the full tutorial here to get some guidance and help designsponge

DIY Lovely Velcro Bedskirt:

DIY velcro bedskirt

Beds are the main thing of your bedrooms so they ought to look really gorgeous and fun and for a floating kind of bed a bed skirt is necessary to cover up the under bed space. So with a simple cotton white fabric and some added to lace to it you can create a fun bed skirt to it and make it look really nice and elegant. The tutorial is really simple and quick and you can have it all here abeautifulmess

DIY Super Beautiful Washi Wallpaper:

DIY Washi Wallpaper

This lovely tape wall art would surely blow your mind for being so much fun and stunning to look at. Using different colored washi tapes you can create this stunning triangle pattern on the walls and bring some really grand style statement in your living and hall spaces. Here is the link to the superb tutorial and make it look really an awesome wall art and that too temporary that you can change whenever you want.Here is the tutorial brit.co

DIY Handcrafted Ombre Lamp:

DIY ombre lamp

The lamps really define the decor and beauty of your bedroom spaces so girls here we have this lovely idea of painting your lamp in omber and make it look all dazzled up for the decor and style of your bedroom. All you need is some paint and some water and then paint the lamp and that is how easily you can bring some revamp touch to your spaces.Here is the link for complete details and fun healthbeautylife

Easy Hexagon Geometrical Wall Art:

Easy hexagon wall treatment

Hexagons are the one of the favorite geometric pickups when it comes to the wall decor and designing. So here we have this lovely hexagon wall designing with the three solid hexagons and size hollow hexagons. Here you can how paint those hexagons and make the lovely wall art in your bedroom. You can learn the the complete tutorial here with step by step instructions and make it right this weekend sisterssuitcaseblog

Charming Enamel Painted Vases:

Enamel painted vases

You can bring some plain vases from any of the dollar stores at the cost of few pennies and then paint them in plain hues of blue, green and other vibrant shades of the hues you like and make them look all the modern and fun for your decor.The tutorial is really simple and would be so much fun to do for the teen girls at home.Here is the link to know more details of the project and add it to the next to do list of the weekend. sugarandcharm

Geometric Wall Clock:

Geometric Wall Clock

Clocks are the part of old decor and you can now make some really fun looking clocks for the decor purpose of your spaces.Here is this lovely and chic kind of clock that the kids would just love to have with the lovely paint hues and the geometric shapes in it. You can do it with the paint hues of your own and make it look all customized and fun according to your decor. Here is the link for the tutorial theproperblog

Glitter Light Switch Plates and Outlet Covers:

Glitter light switch plates and outlet covers

The tiny and insignificant details in your decor can bring some major changes to your bedroom decor with this switchboard being painted and then placed in its place. Some glitter has been also added to the paint which really make it look a complete eye catcher for the bedroom decor or any other section of the house.Here is the link to know more details of this idea faithfullyfree

DIY Gold Polka Dot Wall:

Gold Polka Dot Wall

The walls play a major role in the decoration and beauty of the area be it the hall, living or the bedroom. Here is how a teenage girl can spice up the decor of her bedroom spaces and that too so cheaply and easily. All you need to do is just grab some gold paint and make some lovely polka dots on the whole wall with the paint and its done. The walls would look really pretty and glittery and would really add some charm to the bedroom decor – here are details: porch

Fabric Hammock Chair DIY:

Hammock Chair DIY

Every teenage girl just loves to have a fun swing chair in her places where she can linger long while she is upset or sad. And with some help from the mom or dad they can create this fun and lovely looking chair out of the fabric and the ropes and that too with a simple and fun technique. You can grab the complete chair making details in steps here and make it quickly for your spaces either bedroom or the porchabeautifulmess

Handmade Doily Lamp Tutorial:

Handmade Doily Lamp Tutorial

Doilies are present in every house though they are not the part of the modern home decor yet they are found in the old boxes of your mom to bring them out as you can make some really cute and fun globes out of them for your ceiling decor. Here is the complete tutorial where the very easy and fun tutorial has been shown of how easily and nicely you can turn a few doilies into a really magical kind of  lantern emmmylizzzy

Ikea Hack Concrete Table-Lamp:

Ikea Hack Concrete Table-lamp

Globes really bring some fun decor to your working spaces especially to the computer desk and homework table of the house. So now instead of those old and  boring looking globes to use in your decor you can make a gorgeous one of your own that would be solid and plain and would look really a dazzling piece on your tables and desks.Here is the link to grab more details of this project papernstitchblog

Ladder Side Table Planter:

Ladder Side Table Planter

Using some trays and ladder,  you can create this fun and amazing looking side table for your bed and bedroom spaces. It got three layers of shelves, and you can thus nicely use them for the holding of the lovely plants and herbs or the flowers and let this side table bring some fun and cool vibes in your home bedroom decor with the great feel being around nature.Here is he link to grab the complete tutorial of ti


DIY Macaron Pillows Tutorial:

Macaron Pillows Tutorial

Macaron pillows are just the softest and the most comfortable and you can make them in lovely hues so that the girls use them for their bedroom decor and also to have the cozy feels while sleeping. Here we have the complete tutorial showing how you can make some fun looking Macaron pillows in cute pastel shades so that they really add some fun and cute touches to the decor of their bedroom too. Here is the link to grab the sewing method of these cute pillows on your own camelotfabricsblog

Make Patterned Candles:

Make Patterned Candles

You can make the lovely printable of the designs and patterns you like and then use them on the candles to make them really styled up and decorative. Here is a sample showing how the candles have been made to look so damn good and gorgeous with the cute printable pattern. You can make a complete set of these lovely and chic candles on your own and to download the printable used you can browse this link brit.co

Make your Own Mini Planter:

Make your Own mini planter

Hanging planters are the cute things you can add to your walls and make some fun additions to your decor and home styling. These cute and stylishly designed planters have been made out of the clay and three different kind of designing has been shown you so that you can make them look the way you like them the most or add some personalized touches too.Here is the complete tutorial to know every inch detail of the project abeautifulmess

DIY Shopping Bag Wall Organizers:

Organizing with Tiffany

For the small and tiny items we bought from the market, come in those cute little shopping bags and they can be further used for these cute organizing craft in your spaces.Here is the lovely girl room organizer for their jewelry, sunglasses, stationery and so many other things in a really cute and decorative way. Here is the complete link showing the step by step instructions to make it on your own lezoemusings

DIY Painted Watercolor Pillow:

Painted Watercolor pillow

The white colored pillows seem to be really dull and boring after some time and you want to change them especially the young girls. They really like everything colorful and funky so here is a cool way showing how you can make your dull pillows look so bright and cute with the water colors and bring some really exciting and delightful decor touches to your bedroom spaces. This would be really fun girls so do try it  ellaclaireinspired

DIY Paper Napkin Scallop Garland:

Paper napkin scallop garland

Using the colorful napkins from your kitchen and cutting them into the circles and then folding them and making those cute bunting like shapes and then stringing them up to make a garland or the perfect banner out of it. This cute napkin garland or banner can be used for any of your party decor or also for the casual home decor too of any of your spaces.Here is the simple and fun tutorial to know more about this project papernstitchblog

Pleated Pom Pom Curtains:

Pleated pom pom curtains

You can make every plain and boring thing in your spaces look really fun and fascinating with some really quick touches of art and creativity. Here is the link where you would get to know the fun way showing you can instantly turn a plain white curtain to look really stylish with some added pom pom lace onto it in three or four layers. You can pick up any of the colors be it red, orange, plum etc here is the blue and really making an awesome contrast with the white.Here is the link to more about it abeautifulmess

DIY Pom Pom Mouse Pad:

Pom Pom Mouse Pad

The mouse pads make it really easy for us to work and handle the computer tasks but being the important part of the computer desk. They really need to look beautiful and fun so here is an amazing idea. You can cover the sides of the mouse pads with the pom pom lace and make it really nice and fun with no money and no hassle. SO girls grab some pom pom lace and do it right now designimprovised

Brilliant Popsicle Stick Frames:

Popsicle Stick Frames

Using the pop sickles you can make some really fun stuff out of them and that too with the least of the expenditure. This amazingly cool and fun looking picture frame has been made out of the pop sickles and some colorful washi tapes and that too so easily and nicely. Some heart shapes have also been used to decorate the frame and make it look really more fascinating and fun. Here is the link to know more about this cute project eighteen25

DIY Fishtail String Wall Art:

DIY Fish Tall Wall String Art

When you are up to the string art and want to make something out of it for your room decor or for the other homey walls. Then this fishtail is the best idea to bring some fun to your walls and make them looked all spruced up. Here is the link you can check out the complete tutorial of the making of this cute fishtail with the strings and spruce up your home decor and that too at no cost at all.Tutorial link here

Great Tassel Bunting DIY:

Tassel bunting DIY

Tassels are the cute and fun things available in so many colors to make  go crafty with them and make so many decor and home styling things out of them.Here is another idea showing how cutely the tassels have been cut to short size and then strung up to form the cute and colorful banners for the lovely and eye-catching display in your spaces.Here is the link for complete step by step tutorial bkids.typepad

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