17 Free Crochet Baby Booties Pattern / Crochet Baby Shoes

Lemon Drop Crochet Baby Booties:

Lemon Drop Crochet Baby Booties

A touch of the lemon drop can award the overloaded cuteness to any of your possessions so it would to the baby accessories. SO if you are planning to crochet a cute pair of baby booties for your princess, these lemon drop booties are just the perfect ones to get your hands on. So grab your crochet hooks some blue yarn for the slippers and the pretty yellow one for that lovely bow and get this lovely project started. You can check out the details here hopefulhoney

Green Zebra Crochet Baby Booties:

Green Zebra Crochet Baby Booties

The internet is just loaded with the cute pattern and designs of the baby booties that you can create a wide range of them for your little boy and girl at home and thus save a lot of fortune to yourself. These mini and cute green zebra baby crochet booties are something to fall in love with for being utterly gorgeous and excitingly colorful. The boots are a bit long, adorned with buttons and the two green shades are making them just totally heart touching. Check out the full tutorial here crobypatterns

Crochet Frog Baby Booties:

Crochet Frog Baby Booties

One of our favorite childhood stories is The Frog Prince and now you can use your crochet art to revive the story for your kids in the form of this really cute and fun looking crochet frog baby booties.  So grab the colors you would need to crochet this pretty frog inspired baby shoes with the eyes, smile and the cute blushes on the cheeks. Here is the link where you can find the complete details of the project and make them on your own for your baby girl or baby hopefulhoney

Blooming Strawberry Crochet Baby Booties:

Blooming Strawberry Crochet Baby Booties

The inspiration for the colors and the pattern can come from anything lying near you like the strawberries. So here are these immensely cute and exciting in colors strawberry baby booties. The pattern is just really easy and fun to try with the crochet sticks and the red and the green colors in the crochet yarn to create this lovely and adorable pair for your baby and make him/her look cute and sweet like the strawberry. Here are the easy pattern details myhobbyiscrochet

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